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SAFWAN ISLAM DROPS NEW SINGLE ‘FEELINGS’ From Local Bangladesh Based Label Bad Ignite Records

ABOUT SAFWAN ISLAM & HIS MUSIC CAREER Although Safwan Islam is only 18, he is just as passionate about music as any other musician and artist. He has already established a project with his own name "Safwan Islam" that is focusing on releasing new tracks to gain a reputation among music lovers.  Safwan Islam has released a total of nine songs since its first track in September 2020. The first track was tilted “Eternity”. In fact, it was this song that helped Safwan find his place within the music industry after being recognized by an independent France based Record Label that released this track called ‘Track Record’. Soon after, Safwan Islam continued to release new tracks one after another. Some tracks gained the attention of other record labels and Safwan began to grow a follower base. Safwan's Official Remix on "Sky High" by R3PRO, DV!DE & DHIIR helped him to grow his music career as this Remix pushed him towards success & he was recognized intern

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