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Brand New Interview With Orlando, FL Based Trap Artist Mouce

Orlando, FL Based Trap Artist Mouce Releases A Brand New Music Video, For His Hit Single Niggas In Beemaz Explore The Interview That Focuses On The Inspiration Behind Both The Music Video & Song, Told Entirely In The Artist's Own Words...
Available Now On All Major Music Streaming Platforms: SpotifyYouTube Music Apple MusicSoundCloud
Link To Music Video: YouTube

Tell me a little bit about your background & where you come from. 

“I’m from Orlando, FL. I believe my background has everything to do with my music. I’ve lived a diverse life and that’s why my music is the same. I’ve lived in the suburbs, I’ve lived in the projects and now I’m on my way to a mansion.” 

What is the wider contextual story behind the lyrics for the song NIB? 

“Thought you’d never ask lol. Well if we being real NIB definitely has a deeper meaning than most would imagine. The song really is about racial profiling. When you are a young black male in a luxury vehicle, you get a lot of “looks” to say the least…

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