UK Based Artist JASH Talks About His Latest Charity Single Us Together

The latest interview with UK based artist JASH, who recently released his latest charity Single Us Together. All proceeds from the single, aim to benefit Abandoned & Alone Dog Rescue (AADR).

More information about the charity is provided at the very end of the interview.

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What aspects of your music do you feel are the most representative of your identity? 

I feel the lyrics represent me. I try to be honest and write songs from personal experiences, or from experiences I have witnessed via friends. 

What factors initially drew you into the style(s) of music, you're now most comfortable recording & releasing music in? 

I have always loved acoustic music, just a guitar and vocals. However, I also love Pop and R&B, and the latter two, I would say have been the route I have taken. I think what drew me in was my inspiration, which would have to be Michael Jackson and the Weeknd. 

What is the broader lyrical story for Us Together, beyond its meaningful connection with the AADR Charity?  

Actually it started off as a love track which I left open. It wasn't tailored to a girl, and could be interpreted as many things. Most of the song was completed when I decided to donate all the sales from the song to AADR, who do an amazing job with their cause. 

What are the most important things you envision, a newfound listener of your songs, would take from them, both musically & lyrically? 

I hope they enjoy the lyrics. I hope it makes them feel happy, or makes them remember those who
might not be around, but in a good way.

Have you bonded with & maybe even made the decision to adopt any dogs you may have met, whilst working with the charity thus far? 

Yes I would love to adopt all of them if I could. I already have 2 huskies and I wish I could have more, but it wouldn't be fair to me or the dogs. 

Do you ever take the time to actually listen to your own songs, just to see and get a feel for what they sound like for your listeners? 

I do listen back to the songs, usually it is to see how I could improve. It helps me to develop myself, and to ensure the next songs turn out better.

What are your thoughts on digital interactions (Social Media), between yourself as an artist & your fans?

I think it's a great thing. I need to do more to be honest, but finding the time is always a challenge.

Does the recurrent process of cultivating & developing your overall sound, ever reach a maturation point for you, or is it truely neverending & continuous? 

I think it is never ending. I don't think anyone can say they have fulfilled their potential. It is always a developing process. 

Who is your all time dream collaborator? Why? 

I would say the Weeknd as MJ is no longer with us.

Who are your major influences? Why? 

I would say the Weeknd is the most influential at the moment. 

What are your thoughts on the notion, that as an artist, " has to continually reinvent themselves & evolve musically, stylistically & lyrically;" with each major project pursued? 

I think this is true. I think artists need to work on themselves to improve, to develop and create new sounds, which differ from what is out there already. 

How do you take all that's contained within your work, and bring it to life, when performing live for an audience.  

Try to put passion into the performances, and show the emotion which went into the song making.

What was it about Us Together, that inspired you to position it as a release to benefit the AADR

I started to get involved with AADR during the time of writing Us Together. It wasn’t completely finished, but after finding out the cost to run AADR, and the great work they do, I wanted to help in some way. I decided to donate the downloads from the track to AADR. The song itself is about love, and having everlasting love for someone, or something. I thought it would fit well, as it could easily relate to dogs cats etc, the fact I do music for the love and not to make money from it, was another reason I wanted to position the release, to help AADR. 

What parallels do you find between the UK and  US music markets?

I think the markets are similar. The same tracks tend to be in the charts. I do think the UK market is more POP/Dance and less R&B, whereas the US is more R&B focused. 

For you, what elements of the creation process are a reflection of your home?

I would say a large part, I love to zone out in my room. But also, thinking about the experiences I had in the past, as well as experiences my friends have had. These help my when I write my lyrics, or to help decide what to write about.

What is a song you wished you’d written/recorded?

I wish I could have done the vocals for Kygo (Firestones), that was an amazing track which I loved, and is still one of my top songs.

What are your thoughts in regards to the songwriting side of the creation process? 

I think you need to feel and have a connection to what you are writing about. If it's a love song, break up song, meeting someone for the first time. It all needs to come from within, which makes it that much more real. 

How would you advise someone who desires to follow in your footsteps? 

I would say “Just follow your dreams, if this is what you want, to go out and work on it.” It's a hard road and it is not easy, but it's fun, and if you can find a great team around you, it will eventually work out. 

What subjects do you find the most difficult to write about, when initially conceptualizing & planning a new song from scratch? 

I don't think I can do songs about money or showing off. I feel happy doing love songs, which I feel is my main thing. Also upbeat songs tend to be my focus, and making people feel good.

Does the overall feel & vibe for Us Together serve as a preview, as to the overall sound for your forthcoming releases in 2020?  

No, I think the new EP I am working on will be a lot different. This was the first ballad, if you can call it that type of song, which I have never done before. However, the new songs for 2020 will be totally different.

About AA Dog Rescue 

"AA Dog Rescue (Organisation based in Essex) is dedicated to saving 'pound dogs'. These are dogs who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves placed in council pounds, where they have 7 days in which to be claimed, or go into rescue. Unfortunately, there are only so many rescue spaces available, and when their 7 days are up, if they are still there, they are put to sleep at the pound. The mission of the AADR, is to get the dogs out, before the unfortunate has a chance to ever happen."

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