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Myles Marcus Releases New Single Savage

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I go by… 
Myles Marcus, but since my last name could be a first name, people used to call me Mr. Marcus when I was young. They say if you have two first names, that means you’re a superhero, because usually superheroes have two first names.

My favorite…Thing to do
Is to create new melodies and lyric ideas when I’m taking a shower. 

I like… 
watching a movie with a big bag of popcorn with family and friends. Most of the time I end of falling asleep. Also writing new songs with my friends.

I really like… 
The feeling when I complete a song and I’m really happy with it. Also when I cook and it does not taste bad. 

My music means… to me. 
My music to me is a release of emotions of real life situations. I’m not the type to post my emotions all over the internet, but what I will do, is put those emotions into a song. 

My goal is to… 
Keep on making music forever. Sell out Madison Square Garden one day, embark on a European Tour, and collaborate with my music influences, such as Guns & Roses & Christina Aguilera.

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