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Verse 1: This verse immediately paints the guy as a prince charming of sorts. Everyone wants his attention and you’ve been “lucky” enough to have it. Your friends think you’re lucky and you feel lucky. He comes off charismatic, funny, almost perfect.

He's the life of the party 

Got everybody crowded ‘round him talking

Right as he walks in 

They tell me I'm so lucky

When he takes my hand and pulls me on the dance floor Spinning in circles 

Pre-chorus 1: If you’ve ever been so madly in love with somebody, an infatuation is only part of it. You’d do just about anything for this person. In this specific relationship, these lines preface that when in their presence, you become encompassed by them. Sucked into their world with just a look. You’re well aware of the power they have over your emotions, but for now it feels so right--he’s focused on you and that is what you want.

I'll put on my best dress every time 

Cause nothing beats the way he looks at me with those eyes 

Chorus: This first chorus describes what it’s like for love to sneak up on you and consume you. You can become so lost in the love that you’re unaware of the consequences or effects of the relationship on you until you’re deep into it. From the outside looking in, the relationship is picture perfect. And for a while it is. It’s beautiful, fun, and light until it isn’t...

It's like confetti 

All around me 

It's slow motion fallin doesn't make a sound 

It's so pretty when it's happening 

But it's such a mess when it hits the ground

His love’s like confetti 

Verse 2: You’re his princess in the middle of the most perfect movie, too good to be true though right? Right. But no one else gets the burden of his actions. They’re even blind to it, which is the hardest part. They join him as he takes it just a little too far, leaving you on the outside of the fun but covered in the aftermath. My dad always told me “nothing good happens after midnight” and I had to use it because it’s just so true.

It starts out magic 

But nothing good happens after midnight

A few beers will cross that line 

Pre-chorus 2: You play along to be a good sport and not be that “controlling girlfriend” who tells him he should clean up his act. You don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun either. He feeds off the attention, its where he gets his validation. You don’t want to waste the night literally or get wasted either--so in turn, you ignore starting drama at the expense of masking your own feelings.

He gets drunk and I just have fake it 

Cause I don't wanna spend the night wasted 

Chorus 2: This chorus uses confetti a slightly different way this time. Comparing him to confetti, rather than just his love. Slowly but surely he starts unraveling. You watch him go from nearly perfect to being a drunken mess in what seems like a blink of an eye. No warning signs given prior to the disaster.

He's like confetti 

All around me 

Slow motion fallin doesn't make a sound 

It's so pretty when it's happening 

But he's such a mess when he hits the ground

His love’s like confetti 

Bridge: This dude is so lost in himself that he’s lost sight or regard for the one person who truly knows him. Being associated with him means you get swept up in the consequences of his behavior. You’re stuck in the crossfire while he is unaware of the damage, simply in his own world. Narcissist is his middle name. I wanted to compare her heart to confetti being tossed in a million directions by him, while he gets to just have fun with it. He can play ‘blissfully unaware’. 

He throws my heart around 

Like colored pieces on the ground

Like he doesn't know how it all ends up the same 

Chorus 3: This last chorus is where we see confetti being used again differently, but in a way that sheds some much needed light to this character. You finally wake up to the idea that he will never change. Whether it’s you or another girl, whoever he comes across he will ultimately break. Sometimes you don’t realize it until you’re sitting in that position on the floor, alone. No matter who tries to warn you, it unfortunately sometimes takes being IN the relationship to wake up. He’s a con artist and he’s able to fool you into thinking he’s the right guy, that he’s worth it. The truth--- he can’t be there for you because he can’t be there for himself. He can’t be there for you because he’s too busy garnering the attention of the masses. 

Just like confetti 

All around me 

Slow motion fallin’, it doesn't make a sound 

It’s so pretty until it's happening to me

Cuz he won't be there to pick me up off the ground 

He's the life of the party 

His love’s like confetti 

Oh confetti

(Its just fallin fallin fallin till it hits the ground)

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