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NYC Based Pop Artist Lee Cole Releases Brand New Confessional Pop Single I Don't Wanna Wait

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Tell me a little bit about your background & where you come from. 

My name is Lee Cole and I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. I Took a liking to music and singing from the age of 7 and began vocal lessons at the age of 10. The rest is history.

When/what was the very first moment which you knew for sure that Music would define your only way forward?

The moment I realized music would become my future was the moment I first began to song-write. The moment I started creating melodies and putting together a song from start to finish was the moment music took a real grip on me.

If you were not a musician, what else would you envision yourself doing?
If I wasn’t in the music business I would probably be a psychologist. I have a deep passion for psychology.

What aspects of your music do you feel are the most representative of your identity? 

My vocals I feel best represent me as a person. There’s a real vulnerability when I start to soar vocally in a song; and this vulnerability is engraved deep into my identity as a person.

For you, what elements of the creation process are a reflection of your home?

I would say the creation of the vocal melodies because it requires you to be colorful and exploitative just like the inside of my room.

What factors initially drew you into the style(s) of music, you're now most comfortable recording & releasing music in?

For me, there’s a vulnerability in my current style because it is stripped back. It’s just my voice and piano which gives you no choice but to focus on what I'm saying and how it is making you feel. There’s more of a story in the emptiness.

What are the most important things you envision, a newfound listener of your songs, would take from them, both musically & lyrically?

Musically, I want a listener to be able to really feel something when they listen. Lyrically I want the listener to be able to relate to the theme of the words. They need to feel that in some way they could have written the song.

Do you ever take the time to actually listen through your own songs, just to see and get a feel for what they sound like for your listeners?

All the time. I’m obsessed with listening to my songs. I need to hear them over and over to refine areas of a song where I think and feel a listener will not be able to relate to.

Does the recurrent process of cultivating & developing your overall sound, ever reach a maturation point for you, or is it truly never-ending & continuous?

I believe it is never-ending. Different eras call for different sounds from an artist. Whatever sound broke you as an artist might not be the sound to maintain your career and keep you at the top.

What are your thoughts on digital interactions (Social Media), between yourself as an artist & your fans?

I personally don’t enjoy social media. I’m more of a hands-on kinda guy. I prefer to connect with people in the flesh. But in this day and age, I’m aware that social media is very necessary.

What are your thoughts on how Music Streaming has impacted the way music is created and consumed?

I personally think streaming is the way forward. It gives everyone a chance for the world to hear his/her music. It also works out better financially for an artist because they get paid every time a song is streamed and not just once when a CD is purchased.

Who is your all time dream collaborator? Why?
I would say Max Martin. I feel like we would understand and get each other melodically.

What is a song you wished you’d written/recorded?
When the party’s over by Billie Eilish.

How do you take all that's contained within your work, and bring it to life, when performing live for an audience.

I take the same feeling and state I was in when I wrote the song and bring it to life on stage. Every time I sing my music I feel exactly what I felt when I first wrote it and that helps me bring that to the stage.

What subjects do you find the most difficult to write about, when initially conceptualizing & planning a new song from scratch?

I actually struggle to write about life in general. Writing about love is the only thing that comes naturally to me.

How would you advise someone who desires to follow in your footsteps?
I would advise them to write songs and to work on a sound that capitalizes on their vocals. That’s the first step. They then need to work out a way to stand out from the crowd; be it visually, musically etc.

I noticed from Your Spotify Artist Profile, that each of your singles utilizes the same album artwork, with a slightly varied color gradient. What sort of meaning does this image hold for you?
Having the same cover art with varying color gradients holds some significance to me. All those songs were written in a specific stage in my life and the color gradients allow for them to be a little different while still reminding me that they came from the same place.

Tell me more about the vision & direction for your forthcoming single I Don’t Wanna Wait. From the teaser, it sounds like a much more emotionally driven piece, with respect to your previous works. 

I Don’t Wanna Wait represents a very new direction from me. I decided that I wanted my vocals to be the focus of my music so that more of a story could be told. Almost like a narration.

What sort of hints could you offer, as to the sound & overall direction, for any of your forthcoming releases in 2020?

My music to come is going to be heartfelt, stripped and raw. I want people to hear the stories I have to tell. It’ll be music that requires you to sit and digest; to close your eyes and to allow the story to surround you.


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