An Interview With Independent Graphic Designer Joey Perdomo

LA Based Songwriter & Producer Joey Perdomo Discusses His Emerging Independent Graphic Design Career

1. What kinds of projects do you normally take on?

The projects I usually work with, are Event Flyers, Business Logos, Artist/DJ Logos, Restaurant Menus, Song Cover Art, Social Media Banners and Self Portrait Cartoon Illustrations. I am commonly asked, to do all the work according to a client's discretions, and will try, to the best of my abilities, to nail all projects that are requested, to the highest of standards.

2. How would you describe your design philosophy?
My Philosophy of Design is Abstract mixed with Minimalism.

3. What do you envision a newfound observer of your work, would take from it?
A newfound observer would see my work as being unique, holding a care of quality, and a nostalgic 80's 90's decade features for aesthetics. 

4. What was the most difficult project you've ever taken on? What aspect(s) made this project
difficult for you to approach?
The most difficult project I have ever approached, was developing the brand and menus for a pizzeria. The reason I would say it was difficult, was because I was in charge of the whole brand from scratch, and had no real experience for restaurant brand design. The task included for me to develop outdoor banners, menus, flyers, and coupons. I was able to nail it, but it was most definitely a difficult journey.

5. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am a part time freelance graphic designer. But am a full time producer/songwriter. I was in a well known electronic duo named " FlipN'Gawd); but later had to split up, to follow different directions of passion. I am now working on building a record label, and building my brand, while discovering my new sound.

6. What initially inspired you to become a graphic designer?
The truth behind why I had begun designing was due to the fact that I had no one to help me design our song covers at the time we started releasing music. We also were not in the right financial position to purchase designs. So, I started watching YouTube videos on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also took college courses to learn a bit more on how to use the basic principles of design.

7. Explain some of the most prominent sources of inspiration for how you approach new projects.
The sources of my inspiration are truly the late 80's and early 90's. I love the aesthetics and just the overall concepts used in the arts of these decades. Especially, rock band cover arts, and t-shirts were all amazing. Getting back into studying the design field of those decades, was what pushed me to expand my vision towards many of my own cover art designs.

8. What are some of your newest projects? What are you working on, that you're really excited to debut in the near future?

My newest projects I'm now working on, are an Italian Dessert Menu, CBD Dispensary Brands, and developing some brands in the Electronic Music Field for their DJ Logos. I am looking to expand and work with some new clients with some great ideas to explore new concepts.

9. What are some of the biggest connections your work shares with the music industry?
The biggest connections I would say are many artists from the Electronic Field such as, Skrillex, Diplo, DJ Carnage, lil Jon and DJ Snake. As for more mainstream pop labels.. Sony Music, Universal Latin and Empire.

10. What kinds of projects have you taken on, for other (musical) artists?
I have worked with many artists & brands. I have worked with a tour company named "Concert Crave" in which I do tour flyers, countdown flyers and much more for artists like: 6ix9ine, Dababy, lil Baby and many established artists in the hip hop & pop worlds.

11. What styles/mediums of design are you most familiar with producing projects in?
The most familiar style I would say I am commonly easier known to work with, are more song cover arts. I love experimenting more with them, and including my 80's nostalgic twist to them.

12. How would you describe your work to prospective audiences, aesthetically & visually speaking?
My work is very nostalgic, with bright neon aesthetics at times, depending on what the client would like.

13. Are there any noteworthy places, publications, media outlets, where your work has been featured in?

I have been featured all over my client's platforms, mostly Facebook and Instagram. Also, included on their websites, for instance "Concert Crave" with whom, I have worked with on their tour flyers. I have been placed on their tour countdowns on their official website.

14. What role does constructive criticism play for you, especially in regards to how you learn and grow from it as an artist?
I have received a lot of constructive criticism, but truthfully in the beginning stages it would hurt me, because a lot of people could not see the vision I seen towards the art I was creating for them. During months and years of continuous practice, I developed formulas of having my clients create mood boards of what they are in need of aesthetically and visually, with examples for me to have an easier way to create their desired works and projects.

15. What is the formal process for you as a designer, when getting acquainted with new clients and their desired project ideas?

There isn't really much of a process. I get mood boards from my clients, and study (research) exactly what they are looking for. What brings me at ease while doing this process, is listening to Synthwave, Bedroom Pop and Indie, while working on time consuming designs.

16. What are your thoughts on the notion, that as an artist, one has to continually reinvent themselves & constructively evolve, with each major project pursued?
I believe as an artist we evolve each and every day, from what we see, to what we hear. Social Media has made it easier for us to see what this world engages with, and also to be able to explore the outdoors, and see street work in different states, and countries has opened my mind to new avenues of design.

17. What are your thoughts on how electronic distribution & online communications have changed the processes for exhibition of design work?

As I stated in (Q16) it has become easier with social media to connect with how people engage with their points of interest. Each client I have engaged with have come from Facebook, where we speak and also exchange each other's Instagram. From there, I am able to see what they truthfully like, as far as seeing their posts and stories, which gives me the knowledge of what they listen to and mostly like. It also helps me with the creative process, which involves their culture & who they are.

18. If you were not a graphic designer, what else would you envision yourself doing?
Whether or not I was a graphic designer or not, I would still be in the Art World. I have been influenced by the Arts since I was a child. Drawing has always been a passion, followed up with music as well, which has been in my roots since I was a toddler.
19. What are the best parts for you, about being a graphic designer? What are your biggest challenges?
I just enjoy it as a hobby, as it takes a lot of the daily life tensions and anxieties away from me. I wouldn't consider it a challenge, but more of a journey of expanding my mind. I don't like to take my hobby too seriously. When I work too seriously, many of my designs don't have that genuine input, that is needed to nail things correctly.

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