Annonouncing Brand New Playlists On YouTube Music

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I honestly cannot believe it has been nearly a decade, since I started my Music Curation & Playlisting Journey. I never really thought I'd ever get the chance to curate any playlists on YouTube, because  YouTube Music wasn't even around, when I first started my journey on Spotify. To describe the overall extent of said journey, would truly take me volumes worth of writing. I can best sum it all up, by saying that a great deal has transpired, and the playlists have all come a long way. On Spotify, then on SoundCloud (now also approaching 3 years of age) & today on YouTube Music. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this next chapter. Thank you every single one of you for your continued support in more ways than one. I've grown to really love what I do, appreciate the respective works of those who I work my hardest to aptly support. Being in the position to listen to every single one of your releases, day in & day out, I am eternally grateful for & it is all a source of infinite blessings that never ceases for me. More is to come for certain... 


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