Brand New Interview With Orlando, FL Based Trap Artist Mouce

Orlando, FL Based Trap Artist Mouce Releases A Brand New Music Video, For His Hit Single Niggas In Beemaz

Explore The Interview That Focuses On The Inspiration Behind Both The Music Video & Song, Told Entirely In The Artist's Own Words...

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Tell me a little bit about your background & where you come from. 

“I’m from Orlando, FL. I believe my background has everything to do with my music. I’ve lived a diverse life and that’s why my music is the same. I’ve lived in the suburbs, I’ve lived in the projects and now I’m on my way to a mansion.” 

What is the wider contextual story behind the lyrics for the song NIB? 

“Thought you’d never ask lol. Well if we being real NIB definitely has a deeper meaning than most would imagine. The song really is about racial profiling. When you are a young black male in a luxury vehicle, you get a lot of “looks” to say the least. I used to have a couple 535i’s that we would ride around in, and people would always look at us crazy, especially like old white people. So one day my cousin Hb Titan actually just shouted it out like “Niggas in beemaz” same way it is on the hook and that pretty much just became a thing with us like an inside joke. Until one day in the studio, the perfect beat came along with a mixture of fun and dangerous slap and the rest is history.” 

What factors initially drew you into the style(s) of music, you're now most comfortable recording & releasing music in?

“I think stylistically I try to as be versatile as possible because I never want to be boxed in. It’s like with Nas people only want illmatic so he can’t make any other type of records. So therefore I am as fluid as possible with my style and I feel the one thing all my songs have in common is that they are real. As far as style, what I do is boom trap. A mix of trap and lil bit of boom bap so really as far as style I’m all over the place. I might do a whole project with just slappers and the next one might be all thinkers you just never know with me. I don’t write shit the beat writes it.” 

What inspired you to pair the verses for the song, with the main keyboard progressions that musically defines it? 

“I don’t write any of my music. When I say that I’m not saying I have writers, but what I mean is that when I hear the beat I become so inspired that it’s almost like I hear voices in my head that guide the way. As soon as WakeMeWhenIDie (the producer of the song) came up with the piano riff I was hearing the hook in my head. Honestly, I was kinda unsure of it at first and almost let the idea go, but once I started saying the hook and freestyling to the track, everyone in the room made it obvious that it was a hit. You just get those goosebumps and get that feeling.” 

What were the reasons you decided to include this particular car model within the music video?

“I LOVE the i8. Just a beautiful amazing powerful car. If we are talking about BMWs it’s definitely the epitome. Also orange is just a lit color so it looked great.” 

What does the chicken symbolize for the music video? 

“Haha! Well the chicken was really just some comedic relief. He’s actually a really good friend of mine and I had to stop the homies from turning him into a Popeyes chicken sandwich.” 

A few people mention in the YouTube Comments for the song, that there should be a 2 Chainz feature on the song, given the feel & vibe of the main baseline. Was a 2 Chainz feature ever in the cards at some point? 

“Honestly I definitely rock with 2Chainz heavy! He can hop on any of my tracks any day any time. He’s also just a huge source of motivation for me because of how his career went. I feel we are very similar. This year will be my “ridin round and gettin it” year feel me! But yea tell chainz hit me.” 

Tell me a little bit about who plays the role of the car dealership owner. It really looked like he fit really well into this role in the video. Is he the actual owner of that car dealership IRL? 

“Yea that’s D Rugg and he’s one of the funniest comedians in the city. One of the funniest people I know. Having him in the video was a blast and an honor and to me he was the real star of the video, well him and Loudy the young lady, oh yea and also Chicken man. To me they added a whole nother layer to the video, and I think D rugg is actually thinking about opening a car dealership now so we’ll see.. I’d definitely shop at a place named A**hole car lot.” 

Who else appears within the music video, besides yourself?  

“Loudy Fernandez is the model in the video and she’s also a very lit dancer. Not stripper lol but real deal dancer. Also my brothers L.A. Woodgrain and Maniac are in it as well. D rugg is the used car salesman, and of course da big homie chicken man. Also my son made a brief cameo in the background if you look realll hard.” 

The entire video overall looks really well done production wise. Who was the creative team/production company which was behind its creation? 

“Production Plug is the company and the director was Roy Hayle. He’s a really dope cinematographer and he also does camera operations for the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Bucs and UCF Knights. I’m definitely gonna have to hit him for those Tom Brady tickets soon. Yea we actually had this idea for a while and I’m glad it all came together and we were able to pretty much execute exactly what we planned. Of course the day of the video we had a bunch of crazy speed bumps but we pushed thru for the TD.” 

For you, what elements of the creation process are a reflection of your home?

“Well the video was shot in Orlando so to me it will always be historic. The fact that people drive by some of these places we shot at immortalizes the video forever.” 

What are the most important things you envision, a newfound listener of your songs, would take from them, both musically & lyrically?

“Whether new or old I just want people to FEEL! Whether it’s mad, sad, or glad I just want people to feel something from my music. I put my soul into it so that’s the only thing I ask in return is that you feel something. Part of the reason I don’t wanna be boxed in to any particular sound, is because in this life I go through many emotions, and many vibes and I just want y’all to all feel that with me.” 

What are your thoughts on digital interactions (Social Media), between yourself as an artist & your fans?

“I love social media but like many things with technology it’s a gift and a curse. I love interacting with my fans, and I love having direct contact with the people that support me. and make me who I am. However, there is just so much negativity on social media because you got alotta p****s that feel courage to say wild shit online, because they feel it won’t be any consequence. Just be careful with that one cuz I got some hackers that’ll find dat azz! But overall just like with anything, gotta take the good with the bad. Social media is a valuable tool that many of us would be unheard of without.” 

What are your thoughts on how Music Streaming has impacted the way music is created and consumed? 

“At first it seemed like a bad thing. Ninjas was used to selling cds for 17 dollars a pop. But if you really dig deeper, there is a silver lining because nowadays, streaming has turned music into something that is consumed more than bought. You literally ain’t gotta get your fans to buy your album just to listen to it! That’s a huge difference. Also think about it more, it has made music much more global, because now I don’t have to send a bunch of CDs to Africa for them to be able to listen there. So really I love streaming. Just wish we got a little bit more per stream, but we are working on that you know artists rights all dat.” 

Who are your major influences? Why?

“Honesty life. Life is my main influence. Every day, everything. People I see, stories I hear, pictures I come across all influences me. Conversations I have, all these things play a huge impact. But I know you're probably looking to hear artists so I would say Tupac, Nas, and Jeezy.” 

I see that this song was originally released back in 2018. What drove you to create a video for the song now in 2020? 

“Man it’s a loooooong story lol. It’s been a helluva journey with that song, but one thing I think Lizzo has proven is that a hit is a hit is a hit. No matter how old the song is or whatever, and especially as an independent artist, because a lot of times we don’t have the resources to really push our records as far as they could, or should go immediately. Our strategy has to be more drawn out and not focused on first week sales. I feel a lot of independent artists jump from song to song, without ever giving that one song the true attention it deserves. I know what we got with this record, it’s tried and true. Everywhere I go with this record, the unanimous response is that it’s a hit. Honestly, I feel like I make timeless music anyway, so any and all my records sound so different that they are all current. And also logistically, I took some time off from really going 100% with my music, cause I was managing an artist. But out of nowhere, they started playing NIB on the local radio and that’s when I realized, I had to double back and give this baby the proper water to grow.” 

How does the creation process for this song differ from, and build upon the music that’s contained within your latest EP “Prelude To Revenge,” both musically & lyrically? 

“Prelude to Revenge and Money is Revenge are very similar. Some of the concepts and themes make that obvious. The way money is revenge is recorded, is like an audio film with skits in between the matching records all telling a story.  I would say that prelude is pretty much the prequel to money is revenge. Even down to the cover. Similar thought process, but with money is revenge every record had to fit in with the story itself, so it was a little trickier. Some of the songs on prelude, I actually wanted to include on money is revenge, but for whatever reason they were not ready to go at that time.” 

Tell me about those with whom you collaborated with on your latest EP “Prelude To Revenge.” 

“I really had some dope collabs on this one. Bad Azz Becky, Daylight, and Zav. All these are artists I believe in, and that’s the only type of people I like to feature with. I like to work with people I actually fu** wit.” 

Is your latest EP actually a preview for a larger project that is to release later on in 2020? What can be expected from it sound & production wise? 

“Expect the completely unexpected. I won’t be boxed in to a particular style and I’m always trying something new. And yes we got big plans for 2020 Coronavirus or not. My new album will be named “Clout is a drug” . It will be a classic of classics and it’s coming soon…”

Which song do you feel is the most standout piece from the entire EP overall? Why? 

“Well honestly, I feel every song I make is a classic, so it’s hard to pick because each song on there is such a different world all in of itself. So really I feel they all stand out in different ways. But for me personally I would say the most personal record to me on there is “Him, her, you and I”. I still get chill bumps every time I hear that one. It’s just so real…”

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