Keeping Up With Holiday Releases - A List To Check...More Than Twice...

 Every year I receive a lot of Holiday Themed New Release Submissions & every single year these great timely gems tend to get lost within the playlists, because of all the other awesome stuff that just so happens to be coming out at the same time.  So this year, I'm doing something different...

I will be maintaining this post from now, until Christmas & New Years Day, with all the titles of the Holiday Singles & Albums that get sent my way. You'll know which artists release them. Better yet, I'll be including links for each release, while also specifying which playlists these songs have gotten added in to.  

I hope you will enjoy & Happy Holidays from me to you & yours.

Isabelle Fries Hello Christmas Listen Here
Added To Itunes Top 100 Charts

Christmas Break By Chloé Caroline - Listen Here 
Added To: "Hot Adult Contemporary Charts" Playlist 

3 Decembers By Liv Nicholson Listen Here
Added To: "Itunes Top 100 Charts" Playlist

Christmas Without You By Olivia Deane Listen Here
Added To "Hot Adult Contemporary Charts" Playlist  

Matt Nathanson - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 
Added To Itunes Top 100 Charts Listen Here

Train - This Christmas Listen Here
Added To Hot Adult Contemporary Charts 

Blue Ribbon - Do You Love Christmas? 
Added To Itunes Top 100 Charts Listen Here

SadBois - Rock N' Coal Listen Here
Added To Itunes Top 100 

Tess Barr - Christmas Song Listen Here
Added To Hot Adult Contemporary

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