A Reflection On 2020 & Beyond With Isabelle Fries

Having recently released her latest Holiday Single, Hello Christmas, Isabelle Fries takes a moment to reflect upon the past year & looks towards a more hopeful 2021...

Photo By: @davidperryphotography

How have you been able to reflect and grow as an artist, over the backdrop of 2020? 

I have found a lot of comfort in making music and singing during this time. It has been a way for me to release any stress or frustration and also to express the emotions I have felt during this year. 

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year? 

A new fresh start! I know that that is what we are all looking forward to in the coming year. But I am also looking forward to having a new outlook on life, knowing that this hard time will not immediately end once 2021 hits. 

Photo by @davidperryphotography

What advice would you give to other artists in the present moment?

Use music as an outlet, a solace and as a way to send your message whatever that may be. We need music more than ever when times are hard so use your gift to spread that. 

Photo by @davidperryphotography
Cover Art by @katmrue

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